This was my first tat , It was done with a needle and thread wrapped around it , about 14 years ago by my Brother (Jeff). it took awhile .. and hurt like hell , that's when I said there had to be a better way ....


These are well (not proud of ) but my second tats after making a tattoo gun out of a motor , pens .. and a little dreaming .. it worked ..ok

I Covered them .. look down bottom ..

This is about the third you can say but it was done with the home made gun by Jeff .

This is the fourth and still done with the Home made gun , and done by my brother Jeff.

This is the fifth , I did it my self and now am in the process of redoing the color.

This I would say is the sixth.. it did have names in it was done by myself .( I know dumb ass) well there gone and again I am redoing it .  

This is the seventh  it was not easy , as I did it myself its on my left forearm and I am  right handed , not perfect but I am not sure if I am going to redo or cover with a sleeve being its the same arm as the , peace sign , light-bolt, cross.. etc.. ( the messed up arm ).

Well after about 15 years of not getting a tattoo .. I got the urge for more and to do them again ..

around 1/2006

Bought a Gun, ink, needles.. and so on.

This was the first tat with the new gun .. (I am going to color it in)

OK I should not have colored it .. I just need
to do more coloring and shading.

This is the second tattoo I did since the new

After doing the dragon  I decided to make it a theme , as in  D&D theme..

I was looking through some flash and this
caught my eye so I put it on my left calf.

The same day I put the left piece on , I
decided to put this one on my right calf.

I decided on valentines day 2006
to put the day I got married  in the heart.

I put a wizard  for the D&D Theme
I am working on it ..

Well I got my brother Jeff to give me one ,
I wanted it in remembrance of
My grandmother who passed away 4 years
To the day. 3/18/2006

Inside left wrist I put a Tiger symbol






Left is beginning the cover-up&right is the final .
I still have some work to do on it 



***** I am going to give credit to the artists  who drew these .. I am in  the process of looking them all up .