Tattoo's I did .


This is one I did on My son Chuck. its his mothers name (Melissa)


This one Chuck wanted  4/22/2006 - Lost Angel


5/12/2006 - Chuck wanted a misfits skull ...  

5/23/2006 - star


This is on Chucks Friend Josh He wanted a Welsh Dragon.




This is on my Wife's Friend Trish (her very first Tattoo on her back left shoulder) Heaven.


33/18/2006 - I did one on My brother Jeff's girlfriend Joanie (it is her very first one.... its on her left breast top)  Its old school style Roses and banner with her 2 children's names in it , Daughter Alex (short for Alexis)   and Son  Scott.  My brother Jeff signed the names ...


4/1/2006 - My Brother In-Law Joey wanted a Fighting Irish Tattoo.. /p>

4/23/2006 - Chucks Friend Shawna wanted this lower back piece , going to be doing the Cheshire Cat on her Next.

11/3/2006 - My Brother Jeff Wants a few tattoos they are all similar but different. He wants the initial of all his Children in flames like this I have 3 more to go .

TThis one is for Scott, then there is Alexis , Justin , and Leeza.